Application Template and Recruitment LvL

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Application Template and Recruitment LvL

Post  Lestard on Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:32 am

We are currently recruiting

Assassins lvl 90+, all other classes lvl 85+

Before you write the application, please register at the forum with your ingame name!! Thx

Please answer following questions in your application
(Make a new topic when you apply)

In game name:
Other characters on Harshlands (Names and levels):
When do you play and how long:

On what days are you generally able to attend TWs:
Do you have Teamspeak 3:
If not, would you download it:
Do you have a mic:
Do you have TW experience:
Are you going to check forums daily to be updated on info about the guild :

Did you play on any other server before pwi:

Why do you wanna join wodan:

Personal information - Where are you from, etc:

Wodan is no RPK Faction, do you accept that:
Did you read our Guildrules and accept them:


Pls use this PWi Calculator

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