Guild rules

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Guild rules

Post  Lestard on Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:56 am

Main Rules:

1) Wodan is no RPK Faction - rpk = kick
2) Guildchat is English
3) Dont spam GC
4) If an officer is trying to tell sth important in GC listen to it and keep gc clean during that time
5) If you need any TT/BH or what ever try to find ppl on your lvl range and dont be to shy to use worldchat - ranked members are not supposed to help all the time so ask also other ppl in guild

PvP Rules:
1) You are allowed to kill all Factions / Players who are on our FTK/KOS list
2) If you get attacked you are allowed to defend yourself
3) If you attack one of our allies you risk a kick
4) Random Player Kill is forbidden and will end in a kick
5) You are allowed to kill factionless red players (red from 2 hours+, not pink)

TW Rules:
1) Keep GC clean during TW - only order of TW Leader count
2) You have to be in Teamspeak during TW ( if you cant speak you have to listen orders )


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